Global Stable Equity Fund - Euro Hedged

Fund Investment Principles

The fund objective is to preserve the invested capital and to ensure high rate of return, provided by largest global companies with stable investment return during coming years. According to the strategy most of the fund assets are invested in stocks of 100-150 companies belonging to various industries and other equity securities, which have been selected based upon the Stable equities Investment Process approach, according to which the stock price at the moment of purchase is below or equal to their true value and, on historical scale, has had less fluctuations than the financial market in general. By utilising subordinated financial instruments at least 90% of the fund assets are protected (hedged) against the possible currency risk. This fund is suitable for experienced and demanding investors, who want to make long-term investments and are prepared to accept considerable short-term fluctuations in value. The recommended minimum investment period is 5 years. The fund manager may use the reference index (benchmark) for the purpose of evaluating the results and restricting the investment structure.

Return of Investment 2015-04-17
CCY Price *) Var YTD **) 1 month    
LU0278529986 EUR 15.39 down -0.58 +5.34 -0.07    
Return of Investment 2015-04-17
CCY Price *) Var YTD **) 1 year ***) 3 years ***) 5 years ***)
LU0278529986 EUR 15.39 down -0.58 +5.34 +16.22 +54.30 +74.00

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Fund information
Fund name Global Stable Equity Fund - Euro Hedged
Base currency EUR
Launch date 2007-03-05
Fund manager Nordea Investment Management AB; Denmark
ISIN code LU0278529986 (EUR)
Minimum investment 50 EUR

*) In comparison to previous price
**) Variation from the beginning of this year
***) Last pricing date is the last date of establishment of value of investment funds shares.

Historical performance of fund portfolios is calculated with annual portfolio rebalancing done on the last trading day of each year. Until 31/12/2013, the historical performance was based on the returns of the underlying indices. Starting from 01/01/2014, the performance is calculated based on the specific funds in the model portfolio. The shown historical performance does not include any transaction costs, taxes, or any other fees that may apply. The historical performance is presented for information purposes only and does not ensure similar results going forward.

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Past performance is no indication of current or future performance.

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