Account Transfer Service

The account transfer service includes assistance provided by the old and the new bank at the customer’s request when transferring the following account-related cash flow from the customer’s old bank to his/ her new bank:

  • Direct debit payments.
  • Standing payment orders.
  • Regular income (at your request the bank will present a sample request form regarding notification of a third party about changes in the account).

How do I make use of the account transfer service?

  • Visit any customer service branch and fill out a request form for the account transfer service.
  • Remember that you can always choose your new bank to represent you at the old bank. For this you need to present a power of attorney document that would allow the bank to receive information and carry out actions related to the account transfer under your instruction.

You can find further information on the account transfer procedures in the User’s Guide prepared by the Association of Lithuanian Banks.

A list of banks participating in the provision of the account transfer service can be found here.

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Useful Information

Standing Orders

Regular payment orders intended for the same beneficiaries.