Car Leasing

Leasing is a transaction whereby Luminor Lizingas UAB enters into commitment to grant its customer a right to use a selected asset for a specified period of time in exchange for payments known as monthly instalments. Upon meeting all contractual obligations, the lessee becomes the owner of the asset. On the maturity date the lessee will have paid off the whole acquisition price of the asset and interest.


We can offer you the following:

  • Car leasing.
  • Car leasing with residual value.
  • Car leasing with insurance.
  • Leasing of used cars.

Basic car financing terms

Minimum amount financed 6000.00 €
Lease period From 12 to 84 months
Currency Euro
One-off administration fee To be determined after an individual assessment of client’s solvency
Down payment From 20%
Insurance All risks insurance is required for the car on lease
Age of used cars Leased car must be no older than 13 years at lease maturity


What is the process of car financing?

  • Select a car and obtain a commercial offer from the seller.
  • Fill out a lease application form for private customers.
  • Submit the completed application form along with other required documents by email or deliver it to the nearest Luminor customer service branch.
  • Our client manager will analyze the project and your financial position and will make you a financial offer; after agreeing upon the terms and conditions, a lease agreement will be drawn up.
  • After signing the lease agreement, pay a one-off administration fee and make a down payment.
  • Luminor Lizingas UAB makes a sale and purchase agreement with the seller of your selected asset.
  • Under the agreement with the seller, the asset purchased is registered with the Regitra state enterprise.
  • Obtain a full CASCO insurance for the car. We can offer insurance services at your request. Our insurance partner is AON Lithuania UADBB.
  • During the lease period, pay monthly instalments to Luminor Lizingas UAB account in agreement with the payments schedule. If you have signed an e-invoice agreement with Luminor Lizingas UAB, monthly instalments will be debited from your Luminor Bank account by automatic payment or by usual transfer.
  • At maturity of the lease agreement Luminor Lizingas UAB draws up a statement of Asset Transfer and Acceptance and issues an authorization to register the car as your property.

Documents required for the analysis of project financing can be sent by email or delivered to the nearest Luminor Bank AB customer service branch.

Private customers shall submit:

Luminor Lizingas reserves the right to request for additional documents reflecting your activity and financial records.

Each document submitted must bear an original signature of the customer.