Credit Protection Insurance

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Credit protection insurance is designed for individuals willing to protect their loved ones in case of an accident, because in case of total and permanent incapacity to work due to an accident the insurance amount could be used for early credit repayment and in the event of the borrower's death will be coved the insured part of the outstanding balance of the credit, thus easier weight of credit will left for immediate family.

Who can be insured by credit protection insurance?

Credit protection insurance is available to one or two persons each aged 18 at least when entering the contract and 75 at most at the end of the contract.
The insured person from 18 to 65 years of age can obtain additional insurance for total and permanent incapacity to work due to an accident.

What is the level of insurance cover?

The amount of protection insurance equals that of the credit balance or share of it. The minimum insurance amount at the time of entering a contract is 30 % of the outstanding credit balance, but not below 8 696 €.
Every insured person can choose the part of the insurance amount individually. The maximum insurance amount is 100 % of the outstanding balance of the credit.

What is the duration of the insurance contract?

The duration of the insurance contract equals that of the credit.

What is the currency of the insurance contract?

The currency of the insurance contract is euro.

Credit protection insurance service is provided by "Ergo Life Insurance SE" in cooperation with the bank.

Why credit protection insurance?

  • In case of loss of the insured person or his serious disability, the next of kin will have the home, but not the loan.
  • You can choose the insurance coverage amount.
  • You can have additional insurance coverage.
  • One contract for two insured persons.
  • Each insured person is able to choose the share of the insurance amount from outstanding loan balance individually.
  • Easy to manage contract conditions, all changes are free of charge.
  • Simple to pay  premiums – if you have signed an e-invoice agreement, monthly insurance payments will be debited from your account by automatic payment or by usual transfer.