Disputes Between Consumers and Financial Market Participants

Bank customers’ recommendations and complaints are important to us as they lead to a better understanding of our customers’ expectations and allow us improve the services we provide as well as prevent potential misunderstandings.

To make a recommendation or complaint to the bank, the customer can do this in the following ways:

1. Send an email via the Netbank.

To do this you need to log in to the Netbank. You can find the email option on the Mailings tab.

2. Send an email from any other email system.

You should send an email at info@luminor.lt.

3. Send a letter by post. 

Letters should be posted at the address:  Konstitucijos pr. 21A, 03601 Vilnius.

4. Submit a completed complaints&recommendations form at any customer service branch office.

You can find addresses of the bank’s branch offices here.

Review of Complaints Procedures at the Bank

What is the complaint review process at the Bank?

You should first address a bank employee you are served by. If the employee’s response does not satisfy you, you are entitled to make a complaint to the bank. Complaints in writing are forwarded to the bank’s ombudsman service which reviews the complaint in accordance with the established procedures. The ombudsman assesses information and arguments presented in the complaint and after a full consideration of the relevant circumstances makes a decision. The response to the customer’s written complaint is also delivered in writing. The answer is sent at the latest contact address indicated by the customer.

Some advice for writing a complaint

To have your complaint reviewed in the fastest and most objective way possible, it is very important to specify the following information in your complaint:

  • What has happened? Why do you think the bank failed to provide the service properly?
  • If possible, specify the grounds that form the basis of your complaint (an article in the agreement or law you base your complaint on).
  • Enclose copies of the document(s) you base your complaint on.
  • Say precisely what you require the bank to do.
  • Specify the address where the bank should send the reply to.

We recommend that you use the bank’s template for writing your complaint .pdf, .xls.

How long does it take to get feedback to your complaint?

According to the Banks Law of the Republic of Lithuania, the bank must review its customer’s written complaint and answer to it in writing within 14 calendar days of getting the complaint.

What shall I do if I am not satisfied with the answer I have received?

If the customer is not satisfied with the answer (s)he receives from the bank, (s)he can defend his/ her rights by filing a lawsuit or addressing the Bank of Lithuania, which reviews disputes between the consumers and financial institutions extrajudicially.

It is important to keep in mind that you can approach the Bank of Lithuania (within one year of the request to the bank) only if you have made a written complaint to the bank before and the bank’s reply doesn’t satisfy you or you have received no feedback within the terms established by the law.

You can find more information on the procedure of making a complaint and complaint review at the Bank of Lithuania on the Bank of Lithuania website.