For the Assured

In case of harmful event
In case of a harmful event bank branch should be informed within 30 days by indicating the name, surname, personal code of the insurer and the assured, event date and circumstances. The information about harmful event can be provided at the nearest customer service branch of bank, by phone 1554 or by fax +370 5 236 27 86.

You must bring the following documents to the nearest customer service branch of bank:

  • Personal identity document.
  • Filled out application to pay the insurance benefit.
  • Extract from medical documents about the injury suffered, tests done, applied treatment and document confirming disability (in case of insurance against disability or incapacity for work due to an accident).
  • Death certificate or its certified copy (in case of death).
  • Information if you make use of (or did not make use of) the personal income tax benefit (in case if the insurance policy has expired).
  • Insurance certificate (policy).
  • Other documents related to the event.
Ways to pay premiums

Standing payment orders are a convenient way to pay periodic insurance premiums. If you order this service at the nearest customer service branch of bank and indicate the amount of money to be transferred, their frequency and the beneficiary, these orders will be effected on a regular basis at the time you indicate.

Online, via internet banking services of banks.

In cash, at customer service branches of bank.

Tax benefit

It is possible to get a maximum personal income tax benefit when a life insurance policy for at least 10 years is signed and/or premiums are paid for the benefit of the customer, his/her spouse or his/he minor children when the customer himself/herself, his/her spouse or a minor child is indicated as the beneficiary in the policy.

Personal income tax benefit gives a right to reclaim personal income tax (15 %) from the life insurance premiums paid during the previous calendar year.

Personal income tax benefit is applied to the amount of life insurance premiums which does not exceed 25 % of person’s taxable income received during a calendar year.

Personal income tax benefit can be reclaimed by completing personal income tax return and submitting it to the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI) by the 1st of May each year. The benefit to be returned is transferred to the bank account indicated by the person who submitted the tax return.

*The disabled is a person to whom the level of capacity for work was rated at 0-25 % or 30-40 % or a disabled child to whom a special need of constant nursing was established.

You can get more information about personal income tax in the Law on Personal Income Tax (came into force on 1 January, 2013) or at

Customer’s disputes with insurer

When any dispute related to unit-linked life insurance policy arises, please contact ERGO Life Insurance SE in writing at the following address: Geležinio Vilko g. 6A, Vilnius.

In regard to disputes with the insurer customers have a right to refer to the Bank of Lithuania at the following address: Žirmūnų g. 151, Vilnius, Tel: (+370 5) 268 05 01, Fax: (+370 5) 261 56 65, e-mail:

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