Investing in Funds

Investment funds provide various possibilities to choose the most suitable type of investment or savings for everyone. Opt for stable return and balanced risk, or higher risk and chance to earn more. Purpose of the investment funds is to help save and increase the assets of their holders.

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Investment funds are one of the most popular forms of investment, where professionals invest and manage the cash accumulated by many investors in accordance with the investment strategy created by each fund.

You can also start investing by choosing one of the five investment fund portfolios: Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Progressive, or Aggressive. Those portfolios differ by the level of tolerable risk. The higher risk you assume, the higher return from investments you can expect, but you also can incur losses in case of an unfavourable situation on the market.

If you would like to start investing in the investment funds, please stop by bank for a free consultation. We will introduce you to the investment options and distributed investment funds.

  • You can obtain investment funds at any customer service branch or via the internet banking.
  • If you do not have a securities account, you can open it free of charge at any customer service branch (please make sure you have your ID document with you).
  • Upon logging in to your internet banking, you will be able to purchase, sell, or change your funds.

We recommend investing for at least 3 to 5 years.

How to Sell Funds?

If required, the investment funds can be sold at any time via the internet banking or upon visiting any customer service branch.

Investment risk and return are interdependent factors. In order to gain higher return, you have to assume higher risk. Risk is the price we pay for the opportunity to earn more. Value of investments can decrease as well as increase.

Each investment fund is characterised by a certain risk that should be taken into account prior to starting investing. The customer is responsible for all investment decisions; therefore, prior to making them please take a good look at all related documents, prospects, and risk overviews.

  • The investment risk of equity funds is the highest since 100% of cash is invested in company shares.
  • Mixed-asset or balanced funds, which invest their assets in equities and bonds, are characterised by the average investment risk.
  • Low but not the lowest investment risk is associated with bond funds, which direct the received money for investing in debt securities.
  • The lowest investment risk falls on money market funds because they invest the received cash in money market instruments: short-term investment grade bonds, deposits, treasury bills, etc. At the same time, those are the funds with the lowest income.

In order to determine your risk tolerance level, please fill in the questionnaire, which will help to determine your needs and expectations, at any bank customer service branch or via the internet banking.

Periodically updated selection of funds that in the current situation in financial markets should suit well to complement other investment products in the portfolio.


Profit from the transition to a low carbon sustainable economy

Climate and Environment Fund
  • Increasing consumer-awareness is pushing businesses to tackle climate change and sustainability issues.
  • Fund invests in companies which, through their climate solutions, are changing the world for the better.
  • Focuses on businesses operating in alternative energy, resource efficiency and environmental protection.
  • Provides attractive returns by recognizing the research gap in this area and delivering a concentrated portfolio of high conviction investment ideas.
  • Experienced and stable portfolio management team, using a fundamental bottom-up investment process to identify and analyze companies that are mispriced.
  • 4 star rated fund by Morningstar.

Higher yield with reasonable risk

European Cross Credit Fund
  • Take advantage of structural inefficiencies created by bond rating agencies.
  • Aims to yield more than an Investment Grade bond portfolio but taking on a lower risk than a “pure” High Yield bond one.
  • Bottom-up driven approach ensuring that only bonds of companies with solid fundamentals are selected.
  • Corporate issuers only, no financials (no banking and insurance companies).
  • 4 star rated fund by Morningstar.

Uncover interesting growth opportunities in under-researched market segment

European Small and Mid Cap Equity Fund
  • Small caps are undervalued relative to large caps and should catch up.
  • Current expansionary monetary policy and central bank stimulus are supporting small and mid cap equities.
  • Proven investment process, focusing on growth drivers and profitability across the entire value chain and using direct contacts with company management as well as suppliers and clients to obtain information.
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently outperform benchmark.
  • 4 star rated fund by Morningstar.

Yield with effective risk control

US Total Return Bond Fund
  • Sub-managed by Los Angeles-based DoubleLine Capital LP, one of the largest, most experienced team in the world ensures the viability and uniqueness of the investment strategy.
  • The fund’s objective is to invest in securities that will outperform the market independently of the interest rate environment.
  • Additional benefit from USD appreciation for EUR based investors.
  • 4 star rated fund by Morningstar.



Material presented on this webpage is intended as general information on the funds offered by Nordea. In Nordea’s opinion, considering current situation in the financial markets, clients could study given funds to evaluate their suitability and compliance with their investment goals and financial capabilities and as a result suitability to their investment portfolio. We want to stress that publication of investment fund information on this webpage is not investment advice and should not be used as a basis for investment decisions. Before making investment decision client should in any case study the terms and conditions of the respective product and evaluate the suitability of the particular fund to the client’s investment portfolio.

Five model portfolios optimized for maximum expected return at a given risk level prepared using academic researches, extensive knowledge and experience based on Forward-looking estimates of asset classes’ risk and return.




Conservative model
  • Conservative portfolio is suitable for investors which prefer to minimize the fluctuations of investment value and therefore accept modest wealth accumulation. Investors should be also aware that even a modest wealth accumulation does not eliminate the possibility that for a short period of time the value of your investment can decline somewhat or increase more than on average in long term.



Moderate model
  • Moderate portfolio is suitable for investors which have a low risk tolerance but also desire a moderate wealth accumulation. Therefore some decline in investment value for shorter periods of time is acceptable in order to increase expected returns on investment over time.



Balanced model
  • Balanced portfolio is suitable for investors which strive for a somewhat higher expected return on investment. Therefore fluctuations in investment value in shorter periods of time accepted in order to enable clear accumulation of your wealth over time.



Progressive model
  • Progressive portfolio is suitable for investors which strive for high expected return and can tolerate large fluctuations in the portfolio value both short and long term in order to enable clear accumulation of wealth over time.



Agressive model
  • Aggressive portfolio is suitable for investors whose main objective is high expected return and can tolerate large fluctuations in the portfolio value over time including negative portfolio return not only for a short period of time but also for longer periods. Therefore it is understandable that time is needed for high average return to materialize into clear accumulation of wealth; i.e. a long investment horizon is essential condition.


The information about investment services provided by bank and available in this website is of promotional nature. This information cannot be interpreted as a recommendation, instruction or an invitation to buy concrete financial instruments or to sell them and cannot be the basis or a part of any agreement made thereafter. Although this information was prepared on the grounds of sources that are considered to be reliable, Bank is not responsible for any inaccuracies or losses suffered by investors who made use of that information. Information related to taxation is subject to change in the future and it may not suit you. The investment return is related to risks: the value of investments during the investment period can both decrease and increase. If the return earlier was positive, it may not be the same in the future. In some cases losses can exceed the value of initial investment. If you invest in financial instruments in foreign currency, the changes of the exchange rate can influence the investment return. You are responsible for your investment decisions; therefore, before making a decision you should get acquainted with all documents, prospects of funds and other prospects of financial instruments, The review of risks of investment into financial istruments, and information available on website:

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Investing in Funds

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