MasterCard Credit Card

The MasterCard credit card is a card for everyday shopping and payments. The card is linked to a bank account to which you can have your salary, student grant, age pension or other income transferred. You can make payments and withdraw cash with this card in Lithuania and abroad.

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MasterCard kredito kortelė

  • Card monthly fee is not applied if purchase transactions for goods and services reaches 400 or more € in a calendar month.
  • A credit limit (overdraft) can be granted for the card account. The credit amount used must be repaid by the end of the card validity term.
  • A credit limit up to twice your monthly salary.
  • No minimum repayment charge. Interest on the credit limit used is debited at the end of the month.
  • The card can be issued without a credit limit.

Model calculation for the MasterCard Credit card
Let’s say a credit limit of 1 500.00 € is provided for a period of 1 year with 18.00 % interest and a monthly card administration fee of 1.30 €; the total amount payable by the consumer will be 1661.16 €, and the annual percentage rate of charge will be 21.72%. The total amount payable by the consumer and the annual percentage rate of charge have been calculated in accordance with the assumptions set forth in the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and presuming that the amount of the consumer credit drawn down is repaid by the borrower of the consumer credit in equal monthly instalments, the first instalment being paid in one month after the day of the first consumer credit drawdown by the consumer credit borrower. Filing an application does not guarantee funding.

  • Adding money to the card account free of charge.
  • Changing your selected PIN code at an ATM free of charge.
  • Getting a free statement of your last 5 transactions.
  • Checking your account balance free of charge.
  • Withdrawing cash.
  • Changing the daily limit to a maximum of 2 900 € free of charge.
  • Blocking a lost card.
  • Ordering an additional card.
  • Replacing a lost card.
  • Ordering a new PIN code.
  • Ordering individual design for the card.


  • Log in to the Nordea Netbank.
  • Fill out an application form for a new card: Payment Cards> Apply for a Credit Card.
  • If you wish a picture card, select design for your card from the Nordea picture gallery or upload your own image.

To apply for a MasterCard credit card, visit any Nordea branch office.