Nordea Gold

The Nordea Gold credit card is a prestigious credit card that ensures flexible credit repayment conditions and an exclusive international travel insurance package, which is also valid for family members travelling along.

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Privileges program

Cards benefits

Travel Insurance

Foreign travel insurance policy for free.

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Purchase Insurance

Free purchase Insurance.

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Easy transactions

Cash deposit

The possibility to make a cash deposit at any Nordea cash deposit ATM or UAB “Perlo paslaugos” pos terminal.

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Cash withdrawal

With the Nordea Gold Credit Card you can withdraw cash from the ATMs in Lithuania and abroad as well as from UAB ”Perlo paslaugos” terminals. Commission is calculated according to the Price List.

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Additional cards

You have the possibility to link additional cards for the children above 14y or other family members.

Credit limit

Credit limit

The possibility to use the credit limit allocated by the bank, as well as transfer your funds to the card account.

Flexible repayment schedule

Flexible credit repayment schedule with freely chosen repayment date from the 5th up to the 24th day of a month.

Interest-free credit

Interest-free credit for up to 55 days.



  • Log in to the Netbank.
  • Fill out an application form for a new card: Payment Cards> Apply for a Credit Card.

To apply for a Nordea Gold credit card, visit any branch office.


Validity of insurance:

Travel insurance for trips abroad is valid during the entire validity term of your credit card. The insurance covers all insured events that have occurred in any country of the world except the Republic of Lithuania or a country in which the cardholder lives permanently (if the Republic of Lithuania is not his/ her permanent residence).

The insured:

  • The insurance coverage is valid for Nordea Gold and MasterCard Gold cardholders and all their accompanying family members.

Insured events:

  • Medical expenses and travel-time illness insurance will compensate for the expenses of medical care incurred during a trip.
  • Accident insurance will cover losses incurred due to an accident while travelling.
  • Civil liability insurance will cover the damage caused to health/life and/or property of a third party by unpremeditated actions of the cardholder.
  • Delayed departure insurance will reimburse damage caused by delayed departure of vehicles from or for the Republic of Lithuania if the departure has been delayed for more than 4 hours.
  • Luggage delay/ loss insurance will compensate for damage related to the delay of luggage for more than 4 hours or loss of luggage.
  • Trip cancellation/ interruption insurance will cover the expenses incurred due to a trip cancelled or interrupted for serious reasons (sudden illness or death of a family member).
  • Missed connecting flight insurance will cover the damage caused by failure to reach a connecting flight due to an airline company's service failure (resulting from weather conditions, technical obstacles, etc.).


  • It is recommended that in case of an accident the cardholder cover the expenses himself/ herself first and on return from the trip make a claim for indemnity by contacting Transcom Worldwide Vilnius UAB (hereinafter referred to as Transcom).
  • Transcom provides consultation on insurance issues and claim handling services for cardholders.
  • Always retain reports and receipts issued by a medical institution, official notifications and other event-related documents. Your expenses will be indemnified only if you present documents proving the loss and damage incurred.
  • Please send all documents relevant to claim handling along with a completed loss notification form to Transcom by mail at the address below or deliver them to the nearest branch office.

Transcom Worldwide Vilnius UAB (information and claim handling)
Žirmūnų Str. 139, LT-09120 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: + 370 5 2363 416,
Fax: + 370 52363 440
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9-20, Saturday 9-16 (service provided in Lithuanian).

  • Cardholders shall address Transcom only with concerns regarding interpretation of insurance terms and indemnification.
  • In case of a serious illness or accident as well as in case of insufficient funds to cover the expenses, the cardholder should first contact the Travel Guard emergency assistance, which provides advice in such situations, financial support when needed, takes care of repatriation of the injured, etc. The service is provided in English round the clock.

    Travel Guard (emergency assistance)
    Tel.: +45 7010 5054
    Fax: + 45 7010 5056
    Working time: 24/7
  • Cardholders shall contact Travel Guard only in case of emergency, in need of consultation on which medical institution to address, and with concerns such as insufficient funds to cover the expenses, repatriation of the injured, and the like.
  • A dissatisfied cardholder can make a complaint to the bank regarding:
    • The quality of Transcom consultation service.
    • The quality of Transcom claim handling service.
    • Compensation for damage and indemnity decisions made.
  • The Cardholder can make a claim in the following ways:
    • By submitting a written complaint in person at any customer service branch.
    • By emailing us via the Netbank.
    • By common email.