Periodic Investment

It is a convenient continuous savings solution for those who do not necessarily have huge savings. Once you start saving small amounts, you will learn to manage your financial assets and enhance their value.

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When you choose the periodic investment service, you can invest money on a regular basis – weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Periodic purchase reduces the risk of inadequate financial market entry. For example, as the value of the selected investment fund unit drops, you acquire more units. As the value of the unit goes up, you acquire fewer units for the periodic contribution you have chosen. Thus regular investments reduce the risk of purchasing fund units at a high price.

If you wish to start using the periodic investment service, you are welcome to a free consultation at bank branch. You will be introduced to investment opportunities and the investment funds..

Steps to Investing

  • Open a securities account with any bank branch free of charge. Make sure you have a valid identity document with you.
  • Make a periodic investment agreement at a bank branch or through Internet Banking and purchase the desired investment funds.
  • Select the contribution amount (no less than 50 Euro) and the investment interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or every 12 months).

We recommend that you keep on investing for at least 3–5 years.

Withdrawal of Savings

If needed, investment funds can be sold. As no penalties or additional terms are applied, you can terminate you periodic investment agreement any time.

Useful Information

Investing in Funds

Riskier method of saving for those who aim at maximum profit.

Deposit Insurance

Your monetary deposits are insured by the Swedish National Debt Office.