Secure Internet Payments

When you purchase goods and services at online shops which display MasterCard SecureCode logo on their site, you will have to confirm the transaction by using your Nordea internet banking service at checkout.

How MasterCard SecureCode works:

1. When you purchase goods or services at an online shop participating in MasterCard SecureCode programme, you will have to enter your card number and other relevant information as usual.

2. In the next step you will be automatically redirected to Nordea’s secure transactions website.

3. Type in your identification codes of Nordea internet banking and confirm the data.

4. Complete your purchase on the retailer’s site.

Holders of additional cards will have to confirm their identity on their internet banking account when shopping at online retailers which have MasterCard SecureCode logo displayed on their website. Persons who have such cards but do not have their internet banking service and wish to make a purchase at the above mentioned shops are requested to visit their local Nordea branch and apply for the service. Otherwise, they will not be able to complete transactions.

All cards of Nordea Bank participates in MasterCard SecureCode programme.

At shops which do not participate in MasterCard SecureCode transactions will be completed in the usual manner.

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