Telephone Banking

We are happy to introduce a new service to private and corporate customers: Luminor’s telephone banking. Now you can call the short number 1554 or +370 5 236 1361 (for calls from abroad) for detailed information about your accounts held with the bank, operations in process, cards, savings products, loan and leasing agreements and payment schedules, also to update your contact information.

Customers calling Luminor’s customer service numbers 1554 or +370 5 236 1361 will be asked to provide their customer’s number and a code from their password card or code generator. Upon submission of correct data, customers will be able to receive detailed information how to use the bank’s products and services, order new products or perform daily operations.

Call us at 1554 or (+370) 5 236 1361 for telephone banking services:

  • Check your account balance.
  • Make payments between your own accounts.
  • Cancel executed payments or order an investigation of their execution.
  • Order or terminate standing payments.
  • Close an account.
  • Order a new debit card.
  • Block a payment card.
  • Order a re-issuance of the lost card.
  • Order a new or unblock an old PIN.
  • Close a payment card.
  • Renew or activate a payment card.
  • Open / close a time deposit.
  • Open / close a savings deposit.
  • Change 24 hour spending limit of the card.
  • Change delivery type of the account statement.
  • Open a current account (for adults provided they already have at least one current account with the bank).
  • Open / close banking package.

Useful Information

Card Blocking

Log in to the Netbank and choose Cards and Block the Card.

What to do if you lose your code card?

If you have lost or were otherwise deprived of your code card, please notify the bank immediately.